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Usage examples of "jes'".

He jes' stepped outside the door, an' I bet he didn't tilt up that pint more'n four times till it was empty.

We jes' come to call an' see how you was, an' try to make you feel at home.

You jes' waltz right over t' the Weedpatch store an' git you some groceries.

Wicket people, wicket goin's-on that a lamb'-blood Christian jes' can't hardly stan'.

Cost more jes' to pick her than he can git for her, an' he don' know what to do.

It's bad enough to work twelve hours a day an' come out jes' a little bit hungry, but we got to figure all a time, too.

Our people got nothing, but jes' because they can ast their frien's to come here to the dance, sets 'em up an' makes 'em proud.

If'n ever this here happens again, we'll jes' natcherally kick the hell outa whoever comes.