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Jervis may refer to:

A surname:

  • Billy Jervis (born 1942), English former professional footballer
  • Edward Jervis Jervis, 2nd Viscount St Vincent (1767–1859)
  • Jake Jervis (born 1991), English footballer
  • John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent (1735–1823), admiral in the Royal Navy
  • John B. Jervis (1795–1885), American railroad engineer
  • Richie Jervis (born 1976), English cricketer
  • Robert Jervis (born 1940), professor of international affairs at Columbia University
  • Thomas Jervis (1770–1838), English judge
  • William Jervis (1827–1909), English lawyer and cricketer

A given name:

  • Jervis Burdick (1889–1962), American track and field athlete
  • Jervis Drummond (born 1976), Costa Rican footballer
  • Jervis Johnson, games designer for Games Workshop, Nottingham
  • Jervis McEntee (1828–1891), American painter


  • Jervis Centre, Dublin.
  • Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia
    • Jervis Bay Territory
    • Jervis Bay National Park
    • Jervis Bay Airport
  • Cape Jervis, South Australia
  • Port Jervis, New York

Other uses:

  • HMS Jervis, a J-class destroyer of the Royal Navy named after Admiral John Jervis.
  • HMS Jervis Bay (F40) a British liner converted into an Armed Merchant Cruiser
  • HMAS Jervis Bay (GT 203), a roll-on/roll-off passenger and cargo ferry
  • The 4-2-0 steam locomotive type invented by John B. Jervis.

Usage examples of "jervis".

An excellent report, incidentally, which is already on its way to Sir John Jervis with my covering letter.

Jervie was Admiral Lord St Vincent, recently become First Lord of the Admiralty again, and once Sir John Jervis whose disciplinary principles were talked of with bated breath throughout the Navy.

But according to professors Dallek and Jervis, the proximate cause of the Ayatollah Khomeini's rise to power was not Jimmy Carter's abandonment of the Shah, but the fact that the Shah ever held power at all.