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Jere (name)

Jere may refer to:

Given name:

  • Empress Xiaoduanwen (1600-1649), personal name Jere (or Jerjer), Empress Consort of Hong Taiji of the Qing Dynasty
  • Jere Abbott (1897–1982), art historian and first associate director of the Museum of Modern Art
  • Jere Allen, American painter and former art professor
  • Jere L. Bacharach (born 1938), American history professor emeritus
  • Jere Baxter (1852–1904), American businessman, lawyer and politician
  • Jere Beasley (born 1935), American attorney and politician
  • Jere Bergius (born 1987), Finnish pole vaulter
  • Jere Brophy, American educational psychologist
  • Jere Cooper (1893-1957), American politician
  • Jere Gillis (born 1957), American National Hockey League player
  • Jered Guzman (born 1981), American retired pairs figure skater
  • Jere Hård (born 1978), Finnish retired swimmer
  • Jere Hargrove (born 1946), American politician
  • Jere T. Humphreys (born 1949), American music scholar
  • Jere Karalahti (born 1975), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Jere Karjalainen (born 1992), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Jere Laaksonen (born 1991), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Jere Lehtinen (born 1973), Finnish National Hockey League player
  • Jere H. Lipps (born 1939), American paleontologist, academic and skeptic
  • Jere Michael (born 1977), American former figure skater
  • Jere Morehead, American lawyer, law professor and President of the University of Georgia
  • Jere Myllyniemi (born 1983), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Jere Ölander (born 1989), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Jere Osgood (born 1936), furniture maker and teacher
  • Jere Pulli (born 1991), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Jere Ratcliffe, Chief Scout Executive (1993-2000) of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Jere Sallinen (born 1990), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Jere Schuler (born 1934), American retired politician
  • Jere Seppälä (born 1993), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Jere Strittmatter (born 1950), American former politician
  • Jere Uronen (born 1994), Finnish footballer
  • Jere Wood, longtime mayor of Roswell, Georgia, United States


  • Besnat Jere, member of the Pan-African Parliament
  • Dickson Jere, Zambian lawyer, journalist, author and political analyst
  • Otria Moyo Jere (born 1959), Malawian politician, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology beginning 2009


  • John Jere Blake (1875-1933), Welsh rugby union player
  • Jerald Jere Burns (born 1954), American actor

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Jere may refer to:

  • Jere, Nigeria, a Local Government Area
  • Jere, West Virginia, United States, an unincorporated community
  • Jere language, a Nigerian dialect cluster
  • Jere (name), a list of people with the masculine given name or surname

Usage examples of "jere".

Sitting directly opposite Bass was none other than Professor Jere Benjamin, whom Bass had seen around headquarters and knew by reputation.

As a matter-of-fact, Jere got here yesterday evening, but there was obviously some kind of screwup.

Which turned out to be a good thing as he tagged along behind an obviously indefatigable Simpson, Jere Haygood, and their local guide, Dietrich Schwanhausser.

INTRODUCTION In his collection of Scottish proverbs from literary texts written before 1600 Bartlett Jere Whiting has laid a solid foundation for the investigation of early Scottish proverbs and has promised a survey of later collections.

Mistress Caroline Lansdale, a one-time belle of the Old Dominion, relict of the late Colonel Jere Lansdale, C.

Nor could I fail to understand how the late Colonel Jere Lansdale would have found need to be a duellist after he became her lover, even had he aforetime been unskilled in that difficult art.

I doubt not, that had once made Colonel Jere Lansdale quick to think of his pistols when another evoked it.

CHAPTER XVI THE SPECTRE OF SCANDAL IS RAISED A graver charge than frivolity was soon to be brought against the widow of the late Colonel Jere Lansdale.

Nigel played golf at Ranelagh, on the following Sunday morning, with Jere Chalmers, a young American in the Diplomatic Service, who had just arrived in London and brought a letter of introduction to him.

Gray One just before dawn, though there had been no tracks when she and Jered went to look.

Grief made her choke, and she fought to breathe so that Jered would not guess.

She stopped when he turned back, and stared into his eyes, but as he saw the grief and horror deep within, it was Jered who looked away.