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n. (plural of jerboa English)

Usage examples of "jerboas".

As the sprouting herbs and grasses tempted burrowing ground squirrels, giant hamsters, great jerboas, rabbits, and hares from winter nests, Ayla started wearing her sling again, tucked into the thong that held her fur wrap closed.

The men were standing near the tusks trying to decide if they wanted to hunt jerboas with their slings.

Last time I was there she used to let out six Egyptian jerboas in the drawing-room every evening after dinner, awfully jolly little beggars, like miniature kangaroos.

Hares, giant hamsters, and great jerboas were large enough for a meal, and tasty when skinned and skewered over an evening fire.

Steppe pikes, souslik marmots, great jerboas, varying hares -- gray brown now instead of winter white -- and an occasional, omnivorous, mouse-hunting giant hamster abounded on the plains.

She had occasionally gone out with her sling, and he had not questioned where the jerboas, hares, and giant hamsters came from.