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n. (context linguistics English) Ultra-short or reduced vowel in Proto- and Late Common Slavonic (or Slavic), then represented as '''ъ''' (back jer [ŭ]) or '''ь''' (front jer [ĭ]).


Jer or JER may refer to:

Usage examples of "jer".

Thorby reached his bunkie, Jeri was there, feet up and hands back of his head.

Gray One just before dawn, though there had been no tracks when she and Jered went to look.

Grief made her choke, and she fought to breathe so that Jered would not guess.

She stopped when he turned back, and stared into his eyes, but as he saw the grief and horror deep within, it was Jered who looked away.

You can read the details that the senior Khelat, a Prince Jer, provided.

He saw himself turning into a dispenser of charm like Jer, smoodging, flattering, manipulating.

Jeri, the man with the micrometer fingers, has the situation under control.

Majer-Commander found out, from what we captured, that Hamorian blades were being traded into Jera, I was transferred here.

Jeri was anxious to go back to the control room for two reasons, status, and an unmentioned imponderable: the computer room was where Jeri had served with his missing kid sister.

Not for a moment did Hugh think that Jer might tell Bids, or worse, her grim father, that his brother was promised to a girl in Trafalgar.

Hugh was going to make up to Bids Tookey again, and he, Jer, would never have a home with his brother.

He told her about Bids Tookey passing through on her way to Sydney, and Jer carrying his farewell.

At General Quarters they sat side by side, with Jeri controlling and Mata ready to take over.

Keren, Sherrill, and Jeri appeared like magicians out of the thinnest air, converged on her, and carried her off to her rooms, baggage and all, leaving him alone with Kris.

He can but do what he feels best, and he knows that blades coming from elsewhere to Jera are killing lancers for no good reason except to fuel and justify ancient hates-and perhaps to fatten the purses of traders who care little for the men whom their trades kill.