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Jensen (surname)

Jensen is a surname of Danish origin but also has some Dutch and German heritage. Jensen literally means son of Jens. Today however it is used as a generic surname for both men and women. Jensen is also very common in North America and the United Kingdom, as these people may have some Danish, Dutch, or German ancestry. It has been known that some people using the name Jensen in English-speaking countries often changed the spelling to Jenson in order to accommodate English orthographic rules.

Usage examples of "jensen".

Gandhi and Liberty Ryan, sweating in their overalls, worked hard to erect protective bubbles over the seedlings, assisted by their adopted hand, Brutus Jensen, and three children of their own.

Hispano-Suiza, a MercedesBenz 540 a Marmon town car, a beautiful blue TalbotLago, a Cord L-29, a Pierce-Arrow town car with matchmg Travelodge travel trailer, a stunning turquoise-green Stutz town car, along with a pair of RoUs-Royces, a big Daimler convertible, a Bugatti, an Isotta-Fraschini, a Delahaye, an AC Cobra, a Maybach-Zeppelin town car, a Renault Open-Drive Landaulette, a Jensen four door convertible, an Avions-Voisin, an Allard J2X and the first car in Pitt's collection, a 1946 Ford Club Coupe.

In six blocks I came up on the Hillman again and this time overtook it, slotting in behind the Jensen and noting the ash-blonde Peter Pan head that never turned to look sideways, the occasional glint of emerald below her ear, the way her eyes flicked obliquely upwards at the mirror and down again, once the flash of a gold lighter, her movements deft and her driving calculated as we ran into Harcourt Road and bore left along Cotton Tree Drive.

Nils Jensen counted the icebergs, cracked and grottoed or blue-green and crystalline, while Captain Tyler disagreed with Zeke about their route.

He was a shaky driver in reverse, oversteering madly, swinging back and forth in abrupt Vs across the road, but he did make it all the way to the bottom before plowing into the front end of a silver Jensen Interceptor III with stereo t/d, AM/FM, a/c, brown int.

You put that one right down the pickle barrel, too, Jensen, Robby thought.

Jensen had stuck knives between German ribs, and slipped bromide in the wine of Kapitan Langsdorff of the pocket battleship Graf Spee the night before she was scuttled.

Captain Jensen straightened, smiled his magnificent sabre-toothed tiger's smile and strode forward to greet them, his hand outstretched.

Jensen, who was better with a car than Pope, led the way in his specially painted gray Corvette, and Pope, trailing in the aged Mercury convertible, which he still preferred, admired the manner in which the South Carolinian handled his car, never making a foolish move, always prepared to ease sideways, left or right, to enter a spot left open by the slower traffic.