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Jens may refer to:

  • Jens (given name), a Danish, Faroese and Frisian derivative of Johannes
  • Salome Jens (born 1935), American actress
  • Walter Jens (1923–2013), German author and university professor
  • Jens, Switzerland, a municipality
Jens (given name)

Jens is a male given name and a Danish, Swedish, Faroese and Frisian derivative of Johannes.

Usage examples of "jens".

Regina Schild, Dr Klaus-Dietmar Henke, Thomas Auerbach, Roger Engelmann, Jens Gieseke and Bernd Eisenfeld were most helpful with their information and, sometimes, their own experiences.

Along with the rest of the physicists, Jens Larssen watched tensely as Enrico Fermi manipulated the levers that raised the cadmium control rods from the heart of the rebuilt atomic pile under the University of Denver football stadium.

Jensen walked from boat to boat along the south bank of the Rio Guanche, checking in the darkness that the men at the oars were ready.

That portion of the Jensen opinion emphasizing Congressional power in this respect has never been in issue in either the opinions of the dissenters in that case or in subsequent opinions critical of it, which in effect invite Congress to exercise its power to modify the maritime law.

Jensen rode his big Palouse, Horse, into Big Rock, Colorado, just as the sun peeked over the mountains to the east.

Rachel found herself in love with the Swedes, Harry and Inger Jensen, for they were attractive, bright and extremely eager to please.

It was likely, however, that someone or something would note a car like a Jensen heading into the badlands and file the fact.

When Captain Jensen, the wildest of the Blackbirders though descended from old New York Knickerbocker stock, surged in, clad in loin-cloth, undershirt, two belted revolvers and a sheath knife, he was stopped at the beach.

A bartender in a tuxedo pours champagne and eggnog, mixes Manhattans and martinis, opens bottles of Calera Jensen pinot noir and a Chappellet chardonnay.

If a British Naval officer schooled in Nelsonian duplicities could ever be said to look shifty, Jensen looked shifty now.

Gandhi and Liberty Ryan, sweating in their overalls, worked hard to erect protective bubbles over the seedlings, assisted by their adopted hand, Brutus Jensen, and three children of their own.

Hispano-Suiza, a MercedesBenz 540 a Marmon town car, a beautiful blue TalbotLago, a Cord L-29, a Pierce-Arrow town car with matchmg Travelodge travel trailer, a stunning turquoise-green Stutz town car, along with a pair of RoUs-Royces, a big Daimler convertible, a Bugatti, an Isotta-Fraschini, a Delahaye, an AC Cobra, a Maybach-Zeppelin town car, a Renault Open-Drive Landaulette, a Jensen four door convertible, an Avions-Voisin, an Allard J2X and the first car in Pitt's collection, a 1946 Ford Club Coupe.

In six blocks I came up on the Hillman again and this time overtook it, slotting in behind the Jensen and noting the ash-blonde Peter Pan head that never turned to look sideways, the occasional glint of emerald below her ear, the way her eyes flicked obliquely upwards at the mirror and down again, once the flash of a gold lighter, her movements deft and her driving calculated as we ran into Harcourt Road and bore left along Cotton Tree Drive.

Nils Jensen counted the icebergs, cracked and grottoed or blue-green and crystalline, while Captain Tyler disagreed with Zeke about their route.

He was a shaky driver in reverse, oversteering madly, swinging back and forth in abrupt Vs across the road, but he did make it all the way to the bottom before plowing into the front end of a silver Jensen Interceptor III with stereo t/d, AM/FM, a/c, brown int.