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Jeffrey James Logan, better known by his stage name Jel, is an American hip hop producer and rapper. He is co-founder of the record label Anticon. He has been a member of Presage, Themselves, Subtle, and 13 & God.

Jel (placename element)

*Jel is a very productive Aquitanian hydronymic root. It may be found at the origin of river names as:

  • Géla, tributary of the Neste d'Aragnouet.
  • Gèle, tributary of the Baïse.
  • Gélis, tributary of the Luy de Béarn.
  • Gélise, tributary of the Baïse.
  • Géline, tributary of the Échez.
  • Géloux, tributary of the Midouze.
  • Geüle, tributary of the Gave de Pau.
  • Geü, tributary of the Gave de Pau.
  • Jéoû, tributary of the Luy de Béarn.

The following place names are related:

  • Gélos, a commune in Béarn, and many house names Jeloz in the Basque Country.
  • Mongelos, a village of Lower Navarre
  • Casteljaloux, Gascon city in Lot-et-Garonne