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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jehu \Je"hu\, n. [From Jehu, son of Nimshi. 2 Kings ix. 20.] A coachman; a driver; especially, one who drives furiously.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"fast, skillful driver," 1680s, from Jehu, a king of Israel in the Old Testament, who "driveth furiously" (II Kings ix:20).


n. (context colloquial English) A coachman; a driver; especially, one who drives furiously.


Jehu (; , meaning " Jehovah is He"; ; ) was the tenth king of the northern Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) since Jeroboam I, noted for exterminating the house of Ahab at the instruction of Jehovah. He was the son of Jehoshaphat, and grandson of Nimshi.

William F. Albright has dated his reign to 842–815 BCE, while E. R. Thiele offers the dates 841–814 BCE. The principal source for the events of his reign comes from .

Jehu (prophet)

Jehu ( or , Hebrew: יהוא, Yehu "The Lord is He") son of Hanani was a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, who was active in the 9th century BC.

According to the Bible, Jehu condemned the house of Baasha, king of Israel, accusing him of leading the people into sin like his predecessor Jeroboam. Jehu's words were fulfilled in the reign of Elah, Baasha's son, when the traitor Zimri assassinated Elah and murdered all of Baasha's family and associates.

Jehu also challenged Jehoshaphat, king of Judah. Jehoshaphat's alliance with Ahab ended in the latter's death at the Battle of Ramoth-Gilead. Jehoshaphat returned safely, but Jehu rebuked him for helping the wicked. He went on to say that nevertheless the Lord found good in the king, as he had removed the Asherah poles from the land and set his heart to seek God.

Usage examples of "jehu".

Immediately the doors were closed again, and Jehu clapped his hands to order the food brought in.

The nearest stickie swung its crude ax at Jehu, but the agile young man dodged under it, cutting upward with his own knife.

Now he could see that it was Jehu, the young man diving beneath them all, tearing away at the main tangle of nets, towing them a little distance off to remove the risk of all of them becoming entrapped.

There was a great cry beside him and he saw Jehu, long hair streaked across his pale face, gripping his own knife, sucking in harsh breaths.

WITH THE SKILLFUL HELP of Jehu, they all managed to heave the heavy boat the right way up, frantically bailing out the swilling water.

But then Jehu managed to regain self-control and ostentatiously spun to watch the ceremony.

Ryan was already being jostled by some of the young men and women, Jehu right at his shoulder, all of them shooting wildly down at the surviving stickies.

Then the danger of their position reached Jehu and he gradually restored a kind of order, telling everyone to get back down again, except for half a dozen men that he nominated as guards.

The single bullet took Jehu below the breastbone, angling sideways and ripping out most of his lungs before tearing chunks of muscle from the pumping walls of his heart.

I, the admittedly despicable Jehu, to group you as my fellow convicts, my co-conspirators, in a sense?

And as you read them, the name Jehu slowly forms into an image, into a personality, and from the empty word Jehu comes the great well of affection springing from a personal intimacy.

And that is why I have summoned you here, my dear Jehu, for you are the chosen one, summoned to help me.

Our plan, my dear Jehu, is to attack the Zards swiftly and fiercely and break their strongholds like the walls of Jericho, literally.

Our meeting must end here, though, my dear Jehu, for we each have things to attend to in preparation for the attack on Nunami.

You see, Jehu, the question of time is not so linear as you would think.