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n. (context US informal English) An officer with political influence; a head or chief in government, such as a sheriff.

Usage examples of "jefe".

I brought for you, Jefe Alvarez, that you might not suffer another hurt.

Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, of which El Jefe was the first secretary.

El Jefe had been demonstrating interrogation techniques on prisoners captured from the revolutionary army.

El Jefe spoke over the wind, his voice raised so the assembled troops could hear.

It was a dangerous response, Marissa thought as she waited to see what El Jefe would do.

El Jefe stepped into the room, backed up by a contingent of armed guards.

I can see him, El Jefe, standing outside with his megaphone, saying all is forgiven, mad dog surrender .

El Jefe, still only acting chief until City Council approved his nomination, stood there telling everyone to be careful, to avoid unnecessarily harsh procedures, to use courtesy whenever possible.

There were six of them with those piss-ant mustaches, almost a fifth of the men in the room unwittingly paying hairy homage to El Jefe, growing miniature tributes right there above their stiff upper lips.

El Jefe had leaked a story about Gaines being a pornographer with ties to organized crime, but it said nothing about any pending indictments.

It would be four years before he was pension able and El Jefe seemed happy to let him ride it out behind a desk in the back room.

El Jefe was holding fort against the Rangers and the sheriffs office, trying to keep everything running smoothly and under control even where he had no jurisdiction.

As Rhodan entered the Control Central, Jefe Claudrin was impatiently pacing the deck.

Rhodan was in the Control Central along with Bell, Jefe Claudrin and Red Thomas.

Still 1000 light years away, Jefe Claudrin turned on the magnification.