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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Give me a break, man, jeez.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

minced oath, also jeeze, 1922, American English, euphemistic corruption Jesus.


interj. (context slang English) Exclamation of fright, incredibility, shock, surprise or anger.

Usage examples of "jeez".

The "afterglow" period of delicious brainlessness was measurable in microseconds, and then, wham, I was back inside my skull, brain buzzing, chewing on well, that wasn't as good as I hoped nor as bad as I feared and Jeez I've got my back to Snaker and my legs spread, will he think I?

He had this expression on his face - it was like, Jeez, I hope I get to the crapper before I drop a load in my pants, that kind of expression.

Jeez, I never even liked ice cream all that much, but now that I can't have it, it's all I want!

Minches gale force twelve, jeez Louise' - but they exert a powerful soothing effect on me.

Jeez, must of been a dozen guys came and went while the game was on.

Jeez, this entire situation was growing stupider and stupider with every breath he took.