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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jeel \Jeel\, n. [Hind. jh[=i]l.] A morass; a shallow lake. [Written also jhil.] [India]


n. (alternative form of jheel English)

Usage examples of "jeel".

One of you may go to bring Jeel back, but the other one must stay here until Jeel is safely returned.

To save more time, we will locate Jeel in the sursurvu so you can find him more quickly and bring him back.

Kushtaka would have seen her fail and Jeel swimming into the jaws of the sharks.

Just poor Jeel screaming and the sound of all those teeth and that blue stain all that was left of him.

Before the Terrans came to Uller, it was a good year when not more than five hundred farm-folk would be killed and eaten by Jeel cannibals.

I heard our pal, Jeel, dare my little girl friend here to raise her gun.

The Dreegh, Jeel, was leaning idly against the jamb of the bathroom door, a dark, malignantly handsome man, with a faint, unpleasant smile on his lips.

So we have always tried to arrange our meetings with human beings with me sitting in semidarkness and Jeel in the background.

But whom could I send when no one knew the way, except the woman, Jeel, whom I feared to part with lest I should see her no more?

As I watched it idly, the woman, Jeel, crept up to me in her furtive fashion, touched me on the shoulder and pointed to a distant group of trees.

Montana stayed beside the water storage tank only until comfortable with his jeel of the place, then he started his car and swung around and down the hill to take care of business.

That was the work of my War Minister, Hurkkurk, who was in the pay of King Firkked of Skilk, may Jeels devour him alive!

That was the work of my War Minister, Hurkkirk, who was in the pay of King Firkked of Skilk, may Jeels devour him alive!

Jeel was often difficult, not quite right, but Kushtaka and Tikka were fond of him.

My first idea had been to follow the banks of the Crocodile River, which is what I should have attempted had I not chanced on the woman, Jeel.