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Jebb, a surname, may refer to:

  • John Jebb (1736–1786), British religious leader, physician, and activist
  • Ann Jebb (1735–1812), British activist and writer
  • John Jebb (1775–1833), Irish religious leader and writer
  • Joshua Jebb (1793–1863), British soldier and government administrator
  • Richard Claverhouse Jebb (1841–1905), British scholar and politician
  • Eglantyne Louisa Jebb (1845–1925), Irish-born activist
  • Eglantyne Jebb (1876–1928), founder of Save the Children
  • Richard Jebb (1874–1953), British journalist and author
  • Gladwyn Jebb, 1st Baron Gladwyn (1900–1996), British diplomat and politician
  • Matthew Jebb (born 1958), Irish botanist
  • Susan Jebb