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Giving up on making a meal on it, he brushed his hands and stood on the jear bitts for a better view.

The only way to judge was to stand on a gun breech or the jear bitts and watch the many isles and rocks slide past.

Hands tailed on the jears, hoist- ing the yards to their full erect positions on the masts.

He looked about him and took note that the ship was now organized-the monumental clutter and confusion of braces, halyards, sheets, clew lines and jears were coiled or flaked into order.

The instant he jeared the door, Bliss closed it, then swung around ind did an inelegant, armjggumping victory dance.

We read in the Scriptures of Kiriath Sepher, Kiriath Arba, Kiriath Jearim.

Bush was attending to the preparation of the jears and tackle at the mainmast which would help to accomplish a great part of the lift.

Bush watched the jears, while Gerard at the main masthead attended to the slings.

Hornblower's calculating eye, measuring stresses and reactions, saw that the crisis was now come — the moment when the jears could raise the masthead no more and the final lifting must be accomplished by the pull of the backstays aft.

The jears had to be disconnected from the windlass and their work done by the backstays.

Nautical Objects: Seams and Spurkets, Parrels and Jears, Brales and Bunt-Lines.