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JBT may refer to:

  • JBT Corporation, an American food processing machinery and airport equipment company
  • JBT (EP), by the John Butler Trio
  • Bethel Seaplane Base (IATA: JBT), in Alaska
  • Djeoromitxí language (ISO 639-3: jbt), a nearly extinct language of Brazil
  • Jervis Bay Territory, a territory of the Commonwealth of Australia
  • John Butler Trio, an Australian jam band

JBT EP, also known as the Pickapart EP is a 4 track EP from Australian jam band the John Butler Trio. "Pickapart", "Don't Understand" and "Earthbound Child" would then make it onto the U.S. version of their LP Three, but none of the tracks were re-used in the Australian release of that album.

The album art was designed by Insomnia Design, and features the same graphic art of a tree that is on the Trio's independent record label Jarrah Records, run by their manager Phil Stevens.