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n. (plural of jay English)

Usage examples of "jays".

And me with a suite and not getting forlorn looks from Jays or Tantras because one of the rooms is vacant.

The far walls were in full sunlight, and now Jays was sure he could see layers: distinct strata in the rock, poking through the light dust coating.

The journos were friendly enough, Geena realized, rows of faces turned to Jays like miniature moons.

But in the end Jays had spent three days bouncing across the Moon, wisecracking and whistling and cussing.

In the middle of it all, on a walnut coffee table, there was a double picture frame: Jays as a kid, gappy grin and slicked-back hair.

This is one of the boxes Jays Malone and his buddy filled up on the lunar surface, with Moon rocks they put in those numbered Teflon bags.

It contained a tape and a transcript of a conversation with Jays Malone, in which the old guy had evidently done his very best to ransack his memories, and provide Henry with the context he needed.

When she arrived Jays and Frank were already here, sitting at a table with a couple of empty bottles apiece.

And already Henry could see Jays Malone's rille: Schröter's Valley, a dry valley gouged into the sandy surface of the Moon by a brief, late spasm of lunar volcanism.

I knew that must be true, if a galoot like Jays Malone could land at random and pick up a sample at his feet.

In the outfield Pat Gillick, the general manager of the Toronto Blue jays, stands with a stopwatch in the palm of his hand.

All I can hope is that Mother and Father decide that I look as bad as you and Jays think, and leave me alone for a bit.

And it's only because I need to keep that little corner of my mind tuned to the Web waking and sleeping that I don't have a protégé - ten years ago I could have done what Jays is doing.

And that's what Jays died for - duty, and protecting the ones we all love.