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n. (plural of java English)

Usage examples of "javas".

Now, I can either travel back to Jara and consul', with Javas Kedar, or I can simply wait here for a while, if you would prefer, to assure myself that the red moon is not a sign of danger.

Prince Javas stood by the marble balustrade that girdled the high terrace where his father had received him.

Jorin Bashkar, with his star guide Javas Kedar behind him, waited until the lancers were lined up perfectly, their armor gleaming in the sun, before he strode regally, between the row of heads, toward the entrance.

And all the time he had to try to stop the Javas from madly overcharging, from ramming two cartridges into their guns, and any bits of metal they could find.

The Javas, undismayed, fired like demons, streaming with sweat under the smoky sun, often with blood.