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Jattu is a town in Nigeria. It is the headquarters of Uzairue Clan in Etsako West council of Edo state. Jattu is bounded by Auchi, Afashio, Elele/Iviamho, Ayua and South Ibie.

Jattu is a prominent town in Etsakoland; with a large population of Etsako people as residents. Notable locations in Jattu include the palace of the Ogieneni, Central Mosque,the catholic church, notre dame catholic hospital, Utukwe Market and Jattu New Market, arguably the largest market in Afemailand. Villages and quarters within Jattu are; Okotoukwe, Iyano, Iyogbe, Iyeate, Iyeremhe, Iyegbefue, Venus Quarter, Iyowha, and Newsite.

The people of Jattu speak the Ikpe language in the Uzairue dialect. They are mainly Christians, Muslims, and traditionalist.

Jattu played a vital role in the migration of AFEMAI people from Benin Kingdom as it believed to be their first abode when they left in search for freedom.

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