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Jatta or Jåttå is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Assan Jatta (born 1984), Gambian football striker
  • Daniel Laemouahuma Jatta, Jola scholar and musician from Mandinary, Gambia
  • Fabakary Jatta, member of the Pan-African Parliament from the Gambia
  • Ousman rambo jatta, the Councilor of Old Bakau in Gambia
  • Paul Jatta (born 1991), Gambian footballer
  • Sidia Jatta, Gambian politician, academic, and writer
  • Jatta (novel), fantasy novel for teens with the heroine Princess Jatta 'whose life is not a fairytale'
Jatta (novel)

Jatta is a fantasy novel by Australian author and illustrator Jenny Hale. Set in an alternate world, its heroine Jatta discovers in the days before her fourteenth birthday that she is a werewolf. As the wolf inside Jatta grows, it continues to morph. When it impinges on her waking hours, Jatta realises her personality will disintegrate. Eventually none of her gentle humanity will be left.

The novel deals with themes of forgiveness and how we are sculpted by family and culture. It investigates societies by contrasting Jatta’s pacifist, compassionate and vulnerable ‘Alteeda’ with the brutal, militarily successful Kingdom of Dartith. Once in Dartithan custody, both Jatta and her brother Arthmael are faced with impossible decisions: whether to choose others’ deaths, thus compromising their own souls.

Jatta (film)

Jatta is a 2013 Indian Kannada-language thriller drama film directed by B. M. Giriraj. It stars Kishore and Sukratha Wagle in lead roles. Kishore plays the role of a forest guard in the film whose wife elopes with a tourist and he involves in a clash of beliefs and ideologies with a feminist who he chains in his isolated forest home. The film won critical acclaim for its story and the portrayal of characters from critics and filmgoers.