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n. 1 An auxiliary jet engine in a detachable unit that provides extra power for the takeoff of an aircraft 2 A takeoff assisted by such a unit 3 A RATO unit or rato takeoff - a rocket assisted take-off

JATO (disambiguation)

JATO or ""jet-assisted take-off" refers to the use of rockets to provide additional thrust for starting aircraft.

It may also refer to:

  • Jato, Java virtual machine implementation.
  • Jato, a village 9 kilometers outside the town of Mendida in Ethiopia
  • JATO Dynamics, a global company providing automotive business intelligence
  • Jews Against the Occupation, an organization of Jews in New York City advocating "peace through justice for Palestine and Israel"
Jato (Stone Grinder)

Jato ( Devanagari: जाँतो) is a form of grinder in the Himalayan region of Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Bhutan, which is made of up of stone. It consists of two round stone of which the bottom part is attached to the ground or the floor in the house and has a big nail or wood in the centre to keep the top stone in place while grinding. The top part however has two holes in it, one in the middle to keep grains and the other on the side to place a handle for grinding. The grains are grinded using a circular motion with the help of the handle and the person has to be sitting down to do the task.

Usage examples of "jato".

None of the Dreamers spared her a second look, but Jato thought she was lovely.

Silvio Ferra, flanked by his wife and two children, was in the vanguard of the San Giuseppe Jato procession, proudly carrying one of the huge red flags.

Just before lunch on the third day Captain Stone slowed his ship still more and corrected her vector by firing a jato unit.

Later in the afternoon he fired one more jato unit, leaving the Stone dead in space relative to City Hall and less than an eighth of a mile from it He turned to the phone and called the Mayor.

Later in the afternoon he fired one more jato unit, leaving the Stone dead in space relative to City Hall and less than an eighth of a mile from it.

The heat struck against Sweeney's skin as strongly as the backwash of the JATO unit had done, so.

Lowering his arm, he looked across the field to where Jatos mother was curing tubes by the water shack, her long hair brushing her arms, Jatos five younger siblings helping her or playing in the dust.

Then all the Jatos stood up and began stepping from cone to cone, passing through each other while multi-colored clouds flowed across their bodies.

It landed at Jatos feet, a leather thong with ceramoplex balls on each end that could have been anything from decorations to superconducting webs.

As the keys hit the floor near Jatos foot, a syringe on the globe hissed.

It had spawned more and yet more Jatos, until they blended into a design of feathered motion.

Sparkles of water flew around Jato and Soz and mist blew in their faces.

It gave a particularly inspired heave and knocked Soz and Jato apart, separating them as if it were their chaperon.

Jato laughed and Soz spread her arms wide as if to address the Giants Skeleton itself with her protest.

Jato managed to get up to his knees, but when Soz tried to do the same, the agitated bridge knocked her over again.