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a. (context South Africa vulgar slang English) horny (gloss: desiring sexual activity).


JAS may refer to:

Usage examples of "jas".

That afternoon, Rom escorted Jas up the stairs to spectator seats a dozen rows above the padded playing floor, where Gann was in the midst of his weekly practice session with Zarra, leading the boy through a merciless series of stretches and lunges.

Jas, flanked by Gann and Muffin, entered the anteroom of the Great Council Hall.

Jas, Ulys and Mizon, outer worlds for astronomers, physicists and scientific researchers of every kind.

Jas has a lot of good qualities though, qualities you need in a bestest pal.

I skipped inside and dialed Jas, my very bestest mate in the universe.

Jasmine wanted some and I had prioritised getting to the record company office for a Rolling Stone photo session above finding the nearest drive-through car wash and parking in it while Jas climbed into the back with me and took off her uniform.