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Having reminded them of their orders not to speak to the girls and to take every care to carry them smoothly despite the mud, rain and falling dusk, she accompanied them as far as the gate, where old Jarvil, the porter, was waiting with the torch-bearers.

What would become of his household now, she wonderedthe cooks, Jarvil the porter, Ogma and the others?

After the meal, telling Jarvil to admit no one, she lay down on her bed, escaping into sleep with the relief of a slave pitching a heavy load off his back and not caring which way up it landed, either.

Ogma or Jarvil, promised large sums in return for no more than an hour of her time.

Ogma brush and arrange her hair, Maia came leisurely down the staircase, paused for a minute in the hall to give Jarvil a few unnecessary instructions and then strolled into the parlor.

Ogma to get a bath ready for Chia, Maia sent Jarvil out to fetch a professional scribe.

They walked together to the outer door, where Jarvil gave him his belt and sword.

Lord Randronoth was knocking and he woke Jarvil: and Jarvil looked out and saw it was Lord Randronoth and he just had two soldiers with him, no one else.

She thought of all those she had encountered, good and evil, who had gone under in that riverSencho, Sphelthon, Tharrin, Durakkon, Milvushina, Jarvil, Randronoth, Meris.

She asked Jarvil, who asked Carreras, who sat down with Orban, the cook.

Blood welled out and Jarvil handed her an instrument that looked like big chrome-plated bolt-cutters.