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Jarre may refer to:

Usage examples of "jarre".

He closed his eyes briefly and leaned back on the tray as Jarre and Lazlo tried to draw out the couches one by one.

After Jarre threw a couple of delicate switches, he set the thing on the floor.

Lazlo and Jarre, despite the gravity of the situation, watched the crawler speed off into the darkness as if they were children.

The glow-globes, perhaps sensing they were finally home, made an end run around Sergeant Jarre and whipped inside, leaving them all in a darkness broken only by the light from the inside of the Bore itself.

Sergeant Jarre had been assisting Riordan, scanning with a powerful light beneath the very strange-looking bomber.

Sergeant Jarre turned to the Counselor, who smiled reassuringly at the Boreman.

No one knew about this place, except for one mensch, a dwarf named Jarre, and she had no means of finding her way back.

His voice was high and thin, his English heavily accented but expert, and his sighsgargantuan, expressive, overwhelmingaccompanied us on our way to the Archive much in the manner of Maurice Jarre background music.