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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jarl \Jarl\, n. [Icel., nobleman, chief. See Earl.] A chief; an earl; in English history, one of the leaders in the Danish and Norse invasions.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see earl.


n. a medieval Scandinavian nobleman, especially in Norway and Denmark


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Usage examples of "jarl".

Few words were spoken before Olaf, to the surprise of all present, declared that the jarl must let himself be christened or that there and then he should die.

I will speak to the jarl eparch, and tell him he must get his own slave, or pay me for the use of mine.

Insofar as serving the eparch allowed me to report to the jarl items of interest he might not otherwise have learned, Harald was more than happy that my service should continue.

We had given the wardership of the rune key to Odur, husband of Freya, one of our greatest jarls.

There was an ancient saying that if the jarl was the heart of his people, the skald was the memory.

There had been a powerful Jarl Eric Tryggvason in the Vestfold region of Norway in 997, and one of his sons had been a shipbuilder and noted warrior.

There were also Vilmos, paramount of storm giants, Ottar, jarl of frost giants, and all the other Sons of Annam, the eternal monarchs born of Othea and destined to rule the races of giant-kind as long as Ostoria endured.

King of Man, the Lord of the Western Isles, the Mormaers of Caithness and Argyll, abbots and bishops and silver-haired Norse jarls and dark Pictish chieftains.

Three thousand horsemen and five thousand footmen they numbered, their jarls and captains sitting their horses at the head of the men.

So we may make them all thralls and we shall be as jarls and own the whole land.

The defeated jarls took the remainder of their Viking dragon-ships and fled in many directions, for Christianity soon became the law of the land.

I told you, Jarl Keith, when surprise and treachery almost enabled the Jotuns to conquer us.

And tonight, Jarl Keith, you sit with the Aesir at our nightly feast, here in Valhalla.

It was still light enough to see bonders and freedmen who seemed well fed and happy as they came in from carefully tended fields, waving to their jarl.

Though the last-gasp might of Hammad al Nakir perished, Bragi lost Jarl Ahring.