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Etymology 1 n. A seal (''stamp or impression of a stamp''). vb. (context slang military British English) To modify (weaponry) to disadvantage; especially, to attach and use a tracking device to covertly monitor its location. Etymology 2

vb. (eye dialect of jerk English)


Jark is a village in Horjand Rural District, Kuhsaran District, Ravar County, Kerman Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 179, in 47 families.

Usage examples of "jark".

For then, if all went well, Professor Jark would be fully sold on the idea that The Shadow had given him.

CHAPTER V THE MIDNIGHT STROKE WHEN Professor Baldridge Jark closed the door of the next room, he turned to face two men who were awaiting him.

They had heard every word of the interview between Jark and The Shadow.

They were listening to the same alarm that Jark and his companions had heard.

Digger had remained with Jark while Matt had been out directing combat.

Professor Jark walked across the room and opened the closed door on the right.

AS soon as the trio had left, Jark hurried back to the door on the left.

Instead of continuing the chase of the sedan, he had come swiftly to this house on the chance that Jark and Digger had lingered too long.

He told Jark that unless he came clean, within a reasonable period, he could expect prosecution for fraud.

That did not surprise me, for I had already overheard Professor Jark making a telephone conversation to a specialist named Doctor Nordis Baird.

Apparently, Baird intended to take a trip somewhere in the West, and wanted Jark to go with him for treatment.

Like myself, others who knew Jark understood the importance of his treatments.

I wondered, when Jark sent the letter, whether or not he was trying to deceive Tellert.

I heard Theblaw assure Jark that he and Digger would see that Baird was at the new place.

I knew I was under observation - both from Jark and these men who were always with me.