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n. (alternative form of zari English)


Jari might mean:

  • Jari (dwarf), Norse dwarf
  • Jari, Rio Grande do Sul, city in Brazil
  • Jari, Iran (disambiguation)
  • Jari River, northern tributary of the Amazon river on the border between the states of Pará and Amapá in Brazil
  • Jari River, a tributary to the Rio Purus, which itself is a major tributary to the Amazon River
  • JARI, the Japan Automobile Research Institute
  • Jari is also a Finnish male given name

:* Jari Europaeus, Finnish football (soccer) player and manager

:* Jari Isometsä, Finnish cross-country skier

:* Jari Kurri, Finnish ice hockey player

:* Jari Litmanen, Finnish football (soccer) player

:* Jari Lipponen, Finnish archer

:* Jari Mäenpää, Finnish heavy metal musician

:* Jari Niemi, Finnish football (soccer) player

:* Jari Pyykölä, Finnish football manager

:* Jari Rantanen, Finnish football (soccer) player

:* Jari Sillanpää, Finnish singer

:* Jari Tervo, Finnish author

Usage examples of "jari".

Jaris and Odon had linked arms and were whooping and shouting back at the barker who was trying to persuade them to come inside his tent and see the Juggling Hidaspi Brothers from Far Entia.

I need fresh air, he thought-but Jaris had returned, And the slender Sybo, her face absent-looking, ab-stracted, was pushing aside the drapery of another door.