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Usage examples of "jarg".

He was fond of the one name Jarg, because of his pleasant disposition.

The latter was occupied by Rohan, the driver Jarg, and Terner, the mate.

Rohan had barely managed to grab his sleeve when Jarg tore himself away and, mad with fear, fled down the ravine.

He heard heavy steps coming nearer and saw Jarg appearing from behind a bend, his face bathed in perspiration, and running breathlessly.

But before the confused Jarg could come to a complete standstill, a horrible explosion hit his left arm.

The insane marksman did not seem to notice anything, while Jarg gazed in astonished disbelief first at the bloody stamp, then at his mangled arm.

And the question arose again: why had Rohan and Jarg been spared by the attacking cloud?

He smiled as Jarg sent the raft gliding towards the other selected point.

Even the curls could not conceal the inherent masculinity of Jarg and Taamuz.

Cergii, who hunted men with steel-tipped flails, had been discussed and Sojan and Jarg, the leader, had reached a decision.