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Joe had graduated from high school, but he was working in a San Francisco garage when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor.

That was how much his body craved even the scanty nourishment the Japs gave him.

The Japs did a hell of a job blowing those to smithereens on the ground.

Whenever one of them stopped for any reason, the Japs set on him with their rifle butts.

The Japs herded the shooting squad into Waimea, on the north coast, just as the sun was going down.

Army would give the Japs a black eye if they ever came anywhere near Hawaii.

The Japs treated POWs worse than they treated civilians, and that was saying something.

Nobody had done much with the valley till the Japs decided to drive a road up through it and to tunnel through the mountains.

Flies buzzed around them, even though the Japs did put down quicklime after a fresh corpse went in.

If one of the other three corpse-haulers ratted on him to the Japs, they might kill him out of hand.

The Japs always got all hot and bothered when they saw fewer men than they expected.

If the tunnel ever went through, the Japs would have a shortcut between Honolulu and Kaneohe on the east coast of Oahu.

Whether the Japs cared about the tunnel or not, the POWs were going to work till they dropped.

The prisoners would still be stuck at the ass end of the Kalihi Valley, and the Japs could easily seal off the outlet .

They had reason to growl: if one guy did it, the Japs would expect everybody else to.