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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

acronym for Jewish-American Princess, attested from 1971.


Colloquial abbreviation of Japanese, by 1880 as a noun, 1892 as an adjective, not originally pejorative but became so during World War II. It was protested by Japanese before the war, but did not begin to be taboo in the U.S. before 1960s. For some years after World War II in American English the word also functioned as a verb, "to execute a sneak attack upon," a reference to Pearl Harbor.


Jap is a slur directed towards Japanese people.

Jap or JAP may refer to:

  • Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport, Paramaribo, Suriname, local name
  • Java Anon Proxy for anonymous Web browsing
  • Juntas de Abastecimientos y Precios, rationing boards in Chile under president Allende
  • Juventudes de Acción Popular, the youth movement of the CEDA in Spain
  • Jewish-American princess (may also refer to "prince" or other variations)
  • JA Prestwich Industries, former UK engine manufacturer
  • Jap, West Virginia, a community in West Virginia, USA
  • "JAP", a single by J-Pop band Abingdon Boys School

Usage examples of "jap".

Annie Flinders sped at once to the Hotel Northern, which had been destroyed by the Japs and already rebuilt by the industrious Filipinos, and where, in the course of her shadowing, she had learned Doc Savage was staying.

To Wally you were either a Jap or Chink or a wop ginney or Afro-head, or any of a dozen other epithets he reserved for the varieties of the human animal.

Then Sing Tai returned to the kampong to investigate and to get food if the Japs had left.

If they would wait in his kampong, he was sure that the youth, Alam, would return, as the Japs had taken him along only to act as interpreter in the villages they might pass through.

It was located not far from the kampong where Captain Tokujo Matsuo and Lieutenant Hideo Sokabe still held forth, and it was evident that the outlaws were openly collaborating with the Japs.

Then Tarzan asked what had become of Sing Tai, and was told that he was still in the village but never ventured out in the daytime, which was well, as twice Jap scouting parties had come to the kampong without warning.

Sing Tai told me that some Japs had passed through the kampong a few days ago with two American prisoners.

Japs no trouble, but they are in and out of the kampong almost every day.

On occasion, when the bank balance was doing a dive, he had furnished Gather or Durkin or Panzer or Keems as a bodyguard at a hundred percent mark-up, but now they were all fighting Germans or Japs, and anyhow, we had just deposited a five-figure check from a certain client.

Until a girl mentions that name, until someone tries to kill me, until a little uplander Jap who happens to have a total-recall memory mentions the name too.

Dragging his carbine in his left hand and filling the inside of his shirt with smoke and fragmentation grenades, Viale crept and crawled into the teeth of the Jap machine gun.

The fire was neutralized, and as Viale, from ten yards, poured one full clip of twenty rounds into the aperture, the squad leader got to the rear of the Japs and tossed in two fragmentation grenaded, then one more for good measure.

Twisting weaponless, The Shadow clutched Yeddo with two hands, when the Jap expected only one.

From the top of the stairs, The Shadow heard Prince Yeddo chop an order from somewhere off in the darkness, proving that the Jap had really dodged.

But their target was the third, sternless Jap, while the cruiser returned her undivided attention to the ship with its bow hanging down like a broken jaw.