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Jante may refer to:

  • Jante Law
  • Jante, Nepal
Jante (village)

Jante is a village located in north of Morang district of eastern Nepal.

Usage examples of "jante".

The thought of giving Jante eyes is an anathema, the boy might lose his imagination.

Torreya and Jante can hardly provide an endless number of different fantasies to fill the candy buds once he starts mass-producing them.

Three days Torreya and Jante have been at the estate, and already news of the candy buds has leaked.

She would often narrow her eyes and concentrate intensely on what she was seeing, which he came to recognize as using her affinity bond with Jante, letting her brother enjoy the afternoon as much as she did.

In the small town of Jante, the powers that be came up with ten commandments telling people how they should behave, and it seems to exist not only in Jante, but everywhere else too.