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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jant \Jant\, v. i. See Jaunt.


vb. (obsolete form of jaunt English)

Usage examples of "jant".

I thought, Jant, if you do this you stand a very high chance of never flying again and then you will be nothing but a fated mortal.

They had a regimental history that dated back fifteen generations to their first Founding in the castellated garrisons of Jant Normanidus Prime, generations of notable triumphs, and associations with illustrious generals and campaigns.

Brochuss laughed, referring to the beautiful, sixteen-hand beasts traditionally bred in the stud-farms of the baronies back on Jant Normanidus Prime.

Dercius had been tutored in the duelling schools of the Jant Normanidus Military Academy.

The warrior-caste of Jant were heavy troops, their silver and purple combat armour made for assault, rather than speed or stealth.

His men had the discipline of the military academies of Jant in their blood, the fierce will to win.

The colonel removed his own gauntlet and they shook, the thumb-clasping grip of brotherhood learned in the honour schools of Jant Normanidus.

Face them and carry back the glory of victory to the ancestral towers of Jant Prime!

And his First Wife, Jant, had not been afraid of her, so she never insisted on giving Brianna any more than the basic calming dose.

Chopping them with a practiced ease, he never stopped chattering while Jant brought out loaves of bread and added some potatoes to the soup she had simmering.

The third dot shone blue, the place where Laar Janter kept the Ring of Light.

A great peace swept through Laar Janter, a calm willingness to meet whatever fate the universe had in store for him, and then the ceiling fell on him.