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Jans is a commune in the Loire-Atlantique department in western France.

Jans (surname)

Jans is a Dutch patronymic surname equivalent to Johnson. It is a less common form than the abundant Jansen, Janssen and Janssens. People with the name Jans include:

  • Anneke Jans (1509–1539), Dutch anabaptist executed for heresy
  • :fr:Carlijn Jans (born 1987), Dutch volleyball player
  • :de:Jan Jans (born 1954), Dutch theologian
  • Klaudia Jans-Ignacik (born 1984), Polish tennis player
  • Laurent Jans (born 1992), Luxembourgian footballer
  • Lies Jans (born 1974), Belgian politician
  • Lucretia Jans (1602 – after 1641), Dutch survivor of the Batavia shipwreck
  • Melanie Jans (born 1973), Canadian squash player
  • Paul Jans (born 1981), Dutch footballer
  • Ron Jans (born 1958), Dutch football player and manager
  • Tom Jans (1948–1984), American folk musician
  • Wendy Jans (born 1983), Belgian snooker and pool player