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Janosik can refer to:

  • Janosik (1974 movie), a Polish movie
  • Janosik (TV series), a Polish TV series
  • Janosik. Prawdziwa historia, a Polish historical film
  • Janošik, a village in Serbia (Slovak community)
  • Juraj Jánošík (1688-1713), famous Slovak outlaw
  • Peter Jánošík (born 1988), Slovak footballer
  • Jánošík (1921 film), a Slovak movie

Janošik (Serbian Cyrillic: Јаношик, Slovak: Jánošík) is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the municipality of Alibunar, in the South Banat District, in the province of Vojvodina. The village has a Slovak ethnic majority (91,63%) and a population of 1,171 people (2002 census).


Jánošík can refer to:

  • Jánošík, a village in Serbia with Slovak ethnic majority
  • Juraj Jánošík, a famous Slovak outlaw
    • Jánošík (1921 film), a Slovak film
    • Jánošík (1935 film), a Slovak film
    • Jánošík I, a Slovak film
    • Jánošík II, a Slovak film
    • Jánošík (1976 cartoon), a Slovak full-length cartoon
  • Peter Jánošík (born 1988), a Slovak footballer
Jánošík (1921 film)

Jánošík is a Slovak black-and-white silent film from 1921. It relates the popular legend of the highwayman Juraj Jánošík. It shows the filmmakers' experience with early American movies in camera work, in the use of parallel narratives, and in sequences inspired by Westerns. Jánošík placed Slovak filmmaking as the 10th national cinema in the world to produce a full-length feature movie.

Janosik (TV series)

Janosik was a television series that aired in Poland in 1974. It is about a famous Polish highlander outlaw (named after, but not actually the legendary Slovak Juraj Jánošík) who in folk legends steals money and goods from the rich and helps out the poor.

The series was directed by Jerzy Passendorfer.

There are 13 1-hour episodes.

Jánošík (1935 film)

Jánošík is a 1935 Czech drama film directed by Martin Frič.