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Janney is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Allison Janney (born 1959), American actress
  • Christopher Janney (born 1950), American interactive sound and light artist
  • Craig Janney (born 1967), American retired hockey player
  • Ernest Lloyd Janney (1893–1941), Canadian military pilot
  • Eli H. Janney (1831–1912), American inventor
  • Eli Janney (musician), American record producer and musician
  • Jack R. Janney (1924–2006), American structural engineer and innovator in the understanding of structural collapses
  • Stuart S. Janney, Jr. (1907–1988), American attorney, leading horse breeder
  • Barbara Phipps Janney (1911–1987), member of the American horse racing Phipps family
  • Stuart Symington Janney III (born 1948), American investment banker, racehorse owner
Janney (automobile)

The Janney was a brass era experimental vehicle, assembled in Flint, Michigan by the Janney Motor Company in 1906. The Janney was a light car with a four-cylinder engine. The company was formed by William C. Durant, and occupied an old Buick plant in Flint. A total of four vehicles were built, before the company was absorbed by Buick. The Janney was later redesigned and became the 1908 Buick Model 10.

Usage examples of "janney".

Quinn delves into the psyche of her protagonists and really lets the reader experience how the powerful physical attraction Marek and Janney experience from the beginning gradually develops into a deep, emotional connection.

Brown hair, threaded with gray, she stared at Janney her warm, green eyes sparkled with curious interest.

Locking her shaky knees, Janney glanced over to the fountain, and then took in the rest of the room.

Fantasy and reality fought in her head, and as reality won, Janney regained her senses.

Forgetting for the moment that from outside, the place appeared to be in ruins, Janney grasped onto what seemed to be the most logical explanation.

Before showing her around, she took Janney to a bedroom and urged her to change into a tunic and stola.

Even though her mother had fretted about her trip, as she usually fretted about everything, Janney had been excited to get away.

Hoping the portal would open, Janney had tried the front door again with no luck.

As crazy as it seemed, Janney realized there was no way to return home except to go through that doorway.

Augusta, Janney surveyed the covered walk as they entered the baths near the sacred spring.

Waiting their turn at the arches, Janney could only gawk at the statues rising out of the pool like eerie specters in the swirling mist.

At the villa, Augusta had shown Janney the altar to Vesta, the Goddess of Home and Hearth.

Augusta led Janney away from the sacred spring and into the massive compound of the baths.

Roman garb, Janney fit right in with the incredible throng of bathers, slaves, and entertainers.

Augusta spoke to friends and introduced Janney as a friend visiting from the west of Britannia, the cover story they had decided on to explain away any questions.