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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"Janeiro" is a vocal trance music track produced and released in 2000 by Solid Sessions.

The song is about a girl who falls in love with a DJ on tour who visits Icaraí Beach in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro State during a chance meeting. She loses contact with him when he goes home and pines for him. She meets up with him again at a later date on the same beach, again by chance. She makes her interest known at this time and asserts her wishes to remain with him. Over the years, many fan-based interpretations were derived from the original.

The success of the track is largely attributed to the vocal remix done by Pronti and Kalmani, whose studio was next door to Solid Sessions' studio in the same building. Pronti and Kalmani liked the track the first time they heard it but they felt it could use some extra production work and wanted to write vocals for it. They asked Solid Sessions if they would like to collaborate on the track with the guarantee that they would respect the beauty of the original work and that if it was not agreed that both producers liked the remix it would not be released.

In 2002, the song's popularity grew with new remixes by DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Kyau & Albert and James Holden. The song was remixed again in 2006 by 4 Strings and San & Sebastian Moore. In 2009, the song appeared again in a new version on the album The New Daylight by Dash Berlin. Dash Berlin later released his 4AM Remix which was featured on A State Of Trance episode 455. A remix by Signum was featured on Corsten's Countdown 149.

Pronti and Kalmani's remix featured vocals by Russian vocalist Vera Ostrova.

The music video was recorded in Rio de Janeiro featuring a Brazilian and a Greek super model.

The song charted at #47 in the UK Singles Chart and at #61 in the Dutch Singles Chart.

Usage examples of "janeiro".

One-time racketeer - owner of the Club Janeiro - a man wanted for murder!

If Mallory is free, the Club Janeiro will be the place where he will go.

Tony Loretti, having chosen the Club Janeiro merely as a headquarters, let his subordinates make the rounds and take a percentage of the profits.

The head waiter of the Club Janeiro was not far from where Weston stood.

This calm-faced personage had come to the Club Janeiro for the same purpose as Commissioner Weston and his band of sleuths.

Some months ago, Mallory had started the night-club protective racket, beginning with the Club Janeiro as his headquarters.

Outside the Club Janeiro, Lamont Cranston, in evening clothes, was strolling along the side street.

Club Janeiro was sufficient proof that the master crook had ordained the death of Spider Carew.

When I started this racket with The Blot, the Club Janeiro was our best bet.

His orders were to come to the Club Janeiro and get the instructions there.

Club Janeiro - or at the Hotel Gigantic - or last night, for that matter.

Club Janeiro - beneath the Stellar Theater Building - an Amalgamated enterprise.

Go across the sea, to Rio de Janeiro, go to America, or east to IstanbuJ where no one will ask who you are.

Stefanovsky, your old friend, cordially invites you to come for a benefit concert in Rio de Janeiro, and looks forward to seeing you there.

To restore the balance, Dom Corria took the field in person, and Dom Miguel Barraca hastened from Rio de Janeiro to witness the crushing of his arch-enemy.