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Jánd is a village in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.


Jand may refer to:

  • Jand, Attock, a town in Attock District, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Jand, Chakwal, a village and union council in Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Jánd, a village in eastern Hungary
  • Jand, Pidgin, a Nigerian slang word which refers to the United Kingdom
  • The tree Prosopis cineraria is called Jand in Punjabi language
  • Jand, a fermented mildly alcoholic beverage made in Nepal, usually from rice. Rustic distilled spirits are called Raksi.
Jand (town)

Jand (also Jend), was a medieval town on the right bank of the lower Jaxartes river in Transoxiana. It was the winter capital of Seljuk power before their migration to Khurasan, and was ruined by the Mongols, and is now a decayed village.