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Janana is a village in Bhadra Tehsil, Bhadra, Rajasthan of Hanumangarh District in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

This village contains about 750 houses, and the population is about 6500 people. The main caste which leaves here is Jaat.No Any muslim,thakur & crichian is alow in this village. There are also many subcastes, such as Fageria,Jhajharia , Dhaka, Tetarwal, Sheoran and Godara living in Janana. Amar Singh branch canal passes through this village. This canal was constructed in 1958. After construction of the canal, there was no longer any problem finding water for the villagers. Before construction of the canal, they used a well.

Govt Sr.Sec school and Govt girl school and many privet schools Like K.C.M Modren school,R.N.T school is  also in this village for elementary education|

Janana is a predominantly religious village. A very famous Samadhi Baba temple which is living trance of Shri Shri 108 hari giri narayan ji maharaj. People comes there for the cure for Phantom(Bhoot-prait) and Enchantment(Tona-totka) and other animal-human afflictions. Other temples like "Hanuman mandir, Shyam Baba mandir, Ramdev ji, Bhomia ji, Jhoojhar, Kali mata, Bhairav ji, Shiv mandir, Ram Sita Lakshman mandir are located nearby.

There is also Shri Balaji seva samiti which is being created by the contributions of the whole village for visitors.

The Samadhi baba's temple is very famous for curing human and animal problems. There is a big fair held on every Hindi month's davitiya of sukal paksh, and a smaller one on every Thursday.

The Samadhi temple is a living samadhi of "Shri Shri 108 Harigiri Narayan Ji Maharaj".

Bagatsingh e-mitra kendra  also in this village there is locted in main chouk of the village , All online work here like online form and online banking 


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