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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jan \Jan\ (j[a^]n), n. [Ar.] (Moham. Myth.) One of an intermediate order between angels and men.


n. (obsolete form of djinn English)


Jan, JaN or JAN may refer to:

Jan (comics)

Jan is the pseudonym of Juan López Fernández (born 13 March 1939), Spanish comic book writer and artist, most famous for his creation Superlópez.


Ján is a Slovak form of the name John.

Jan (bishop of Wrocław)

Jan was the first bishop of Wrocław. He took power over the diocese of Wrocław at the time of its establishment in the year 1000.

He had a brick cathedral to replace an older wooden church, but this was destroyed in a pagan revolt in 1031, and the diocese ceased to function.The diocese was re-established in 1050 with Hieronim as Bishop.

Jan (Persian name)

Jan is a Persian word originally meaning 'life' and 'soul', also used as a name with extended meanings 'beloved one' or 'dear'. Being of Persian origin, it is much used in Urdu-speaking India and Pakistan as well in as Afghanistan, Central Asia, and other areas influenced by Persian culture. As a name it may refer to:

Jan (name)

Jan (pronounced Yann or Yaan) is a variant of John in various languages and is a short version of Johannes.

The name is used in Czech, Polish, Belarusian, Dutch, Cornish, Devon dialect, German, Afrikaans, Catalan and Scandinavian languages. The Slovak spelling is Ján. In English it is a shortened form of the first names Janice, January or Janet with corresponding pronunciation. It has a separate origin in Arabic.

Usage examples of "jan".

They sat together over a wheel, which was unfortunate, but at least Jan was not Kate, and had no need of acupressure bracelets and a large dose of Sturgeron.

Jerec, Sariss, and Boc had stepped off the turbolift, and that Jan was with them.

Jan spotted Lell standing before young Ai and Dha, pressed close to the pans.

Marie iets ried, waarvan zij nog niets verstond dan dat het later, ook tengevolge dier wreede wet, eene verkoeling, eene scheiding kon teweegbrengen, en zij zou het weldra begrijpen voor de derde maal, wanneer Jan eenige jaren ouder was geworden.

Jan, intusschen, verweet opnieuw aan de drie jongelieden hun luiheid, en naar hij beweerde met volle reden.

Oskar the son unbuttoned his coat, reached quickly for his drumsticks, and made his drum cry out: Father, father, until Jan Bronski turned and slowly, much too slowly, crossed the street, and found me, Oskar, in the doorway.

I would have hoped that even such an overtolerant Ecclesiarch would have influenced Jan toward orthodoxy.

In the 1960s and 1970s Ralph Haber, Jan Fentress and their colleagues, following up these studies, found a somewhat smaller proportion of US elementary school children with eidetic memory, but noted that the capacity was widely distributed amongst young children of both sexes, independent of ethnic origin, class or school performance.

Don Juans of knowledge, Jan, Tomas and Rubens are without a doubt the most aware of the fine borderline separating eroticism and sexuality from laughter, the insidious trap of lyrical loves, both individual and collective.

Ur Jan has learned that Rapas is killing for Fal Sivas for a price far lower than that charged by the guild.

I sprang forward and seized Gar Nal before he could draw his sword, and Ur Jan fell upon Fal Sivas.

Pete Gillooly came out to feed his dog, and Flinders had to go and be vicious while Jan lay low, not to reveal his dark secret.

De Geer received three separate dispatches from Jan de Vries over the space of a week.

Jan exclaimed, turning to stare once more at the young goatlings flanking Jah-lila.

MacPherson addresses common concerns: -- How families deal with young and teenage children of sick and dying parents -- How family and friends provide better caregiving support -- Why resilience, anger, and humor sustain us and why platitudes are odious -- The health field: why doctors avoid death and often ignore dying patients, and advice for change -- Grieving: how long it lasts, how and why men and women grieve differently, what grievers can do, and how friends can help After Anna dies of breast cancer, you observe her husband, Jan, who learns how to grieve positively as he copes with both his pain and the struggles of a single parent raising two adolescents.