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The Collaborative International Dictionary

James \James\ prop. n.

  1. William James, an American psychologist and philosopher (1842-1910). He was the brother of Henry James.

    Syn: William James.

  2. Henry James, an American novelist and critic, born 1843, died 1916. He was the brother of William James.

    Syn: Henry James.

  3. Saint James the Apostle, a disciple of Jesus; brother of John; author of The Epistle of James in the New Testament.

    Syn: Saint James, St. James, Saint James the Apostle.

  4. The James River, a tributary of the Missouri River.

    Syn: James River.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

masc. proper name, name of two of Christ's disciples, late 12c. Middle English vernacular form of Late Latin Jacomus (source of Old French James, Spanish Jaime, Italian Giacomo), altered from Latin Jacobus (see Jacob).\n

\nThe Welsh form was Iago, the Cornish Jago. Fictional British spy James Bond dates from 1953, created by British author Ian Fleming (1908-1964), who plausibly is said to have taken the name from that of U.S. ornithologist James Bond (1900-1989), an expert on Caribbean birds.


James is a common English surname and given name:

  • James (name), the typically masculine first name James
  • James (surname), various people with the last name James

James or James City may also refer to:

James (band)

James are an English rock band from Manchester. They formed in 1982 and were active throughout the 1980s, but most successful during the 1990s. Their best-known singles include " Come Home", " Sit Down", " She's a Star" and " Laid", which also became a hit on American college radio. Following the departure of lead singer Tim Booth in 2001, the band became inactive, but reunited in January 2007 for a new album and international tour. As of 2010, the band had sold more than 25 million albums worldwide.

James (surname)

James is a surname with many origins. Notable people with the surname include:

James (name)

James is the English language New Testament ( Vulgar/Later Latin) form of the Hebrew name Yaʻaqov (known as Jacob in its earlier Latin form). The name James came into the English language from the Old French variation James of the late Latin name Iacomus. This was a Vulgar/Later Latin ( proto-Romance) variant of the earlier Latin form Iacobus, from the New Testament Greek Ἰάκωβος (Iákōbos), from Hebrew יעקב (Yaʻaqov) ( Jacob). The development Iacobus > Iacomus is likely a result of nasalization of the o and assimilation to the following b (i.e., intermediate *Iacombus) followed by simplification of the cluster mb through loss of the b. Diminutives include Jim, Jimmy, Jimmie, Jamie, Jimbo and others.

James (2005 film)

James is a 2005 Bollywood film starring Mohit Ahlawat and Nisha Kothari. It was directed by Rohit Jugraj. The movie was big disaster at box office.

James (2008 film)

James is a 2008 Northern Irish coming-of-age short film. The film marks the directorial debut of Connor Clements and stars Niall Wright as James, a teenage boy attempting to come to terms with his burgeoning homosexuality.

James (musician)

Faruq Mahfuz Anam (known by his stage name James) is a Bangladeshi singer, guitarist, and composer. He is often referred to as "Guru". James is currently the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Nagar Baul (the Urban Medincant). He has also played back in few songs in Bollywood movies. James rose to mainstream fame in 1990s as the frontman of " Feelings" now renamed "Nagar Baul" which is one of the "Big Three of Rock", who were responsible for developing and popularising rock music in Bangladesh, the other two being LRB and Ark. James is considered to be the pioneer of psychedelic rock in Bangladesh.

James (ship)

The ship James made several trips during the early 17th century Great Migration out of England to the New World. It is unclear how many ships were named James during the Great Migration, as the name James was very popular in England during the reign of James I of England (1567–1625).

James (automobile company)

The James automobile company (called the J&M Motor Car Company) was created in 1909 by H. K. James.

James (Malayalam actor)

James Chacko was an Indian film actor who starred in more than 150 Malayalam language films. He was active for over three decades. He joined the industry as an art and production manager and later was the manager for actor Nedumudi Venu. He played important roles in New Delhi, Meesa Madhavan, Pathram, Oru Maravathoor Kanavu and Peruvannapurathe Visheshangal.

Usage examples of "james".

The codicil entails the estate upon James instead of bequeathing it outright, and so if the Court accepts it, that would mean that he had no clear title to the estate to sell to my great-grandfather.

James Warren, while his wife, Mercy Otis Warren, who was a playwright and a woman Adams particularly admired, lectured him on the ideal republican government she foresaw for the future union of the colonies.

Replying to James Warren on April 16, Adams could hardly control his anger.

This brought on three days of fierce debate, during which Adams repeatedly took the floor, supported by Richard Henry Lee, while James Wilson of Pennsylvania argued in opposition.

By the time Abigail found a moment to reply, a new year had begun and John Adams had come and gone, riding away on still another winter day to still another session of Congress, heading for Baltimore accompanied by a new Massachusetts congressman, James Lovell.

Between times, on his own, Adams maintained correspondence with James Warren, James Lovell, Elbridge Gerry, Samuel Adams, and Benjamin Rush.

But when his American doctor, James Jay, the brother of John Jay, had suggested a sojourn in England, he had gone off to London with John Quincy and later to Bath, to take the waters, an experience Adams had found little to his liking and that was cut short by a summons to return to Holland to secure still another desperately needed loan.

James McHenry, an incompetent but affable man whom Adams rather liked.

What made it especially sensational was that the source of the allegation was his own former ally and unrelenting scourge of John Adams, the notorious James Callender.

When during that autumn of 1816 it appeared that James Monroe was to be the next President and newspapers were reporting John Quincy the choice for Secretary of State, Adams sent off a letter to London saying he hoped it was true and that John Quincy would accept the office and come home.

IN 1824, with James Monroe due to retire from the presidency, Secretary of State John Quincy Adams was nominated as a candidate to replace him, exactly as long predicted.

James Stevenson and Adlai Ewing, with their immediate families and others of their kindred, had in the early days of the century, after a long and perilous journey, finally reached the famous Spring already mentioned.

The girl with the large eyes was named Alberta James, and she sat third in from the left Weigand, facing everybody - he hoped - who had been in the theatre when Carney Bolton was killed ticked off her name in his mind Slender girl with reddish - brown hair hanging almost to her shoulders, and big, disturbing eyes - that equalled Alberta James.

Humphrey Kirk leaned forward in his chair beside Alberta James and appeared to count off.

Hubbard sat down and turned to Alberta James and smiled, showing the white teeth.