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n. (alternative form of jambul English)


Jambu or jumbu may refer to:

  • Jambu, jambu air or jambu bol, a local term for Syzygium fruit
  • Jambu or jambu batu, a local term for guavas
  • Jambul or jambu tree
  • Jambu, a Brazilian term for the herb acmella oleracea
  • Jambu fruit dove, a species of fruit dove (bird)
  • Jambudvipa, the terrestrial world in some eastern cosmologies
  • Jambu, an orca in the South Park episode " Free Willzyx"
  • Jambu (film), a Tamil film released in 1980, see list of Tamil films of 1980
  • Jambulingam (director), Indian film director, see Apna Desh or Miss Mary

Usage examples of "jambu".

Tithonus, Methuselah, Gilgamesh, the Uttarakurus and the Jambu tree, the fisherman Glaukus, the Taoist immortals, yes, the whole bibliography.

Glaukus the fisherman, nibbling the herbs beside the sea and turning green with immortality, gives us fables out of Herodotus, gives us the Uttarakurus and the Jambu tree, dangles a hundred gleaming myths before our bedazzled ears, so that we want to cry out, Here!

There were young cocoa-nuts, gold-colored bananas of the kind which the Sultan eats, papayas, and clusters of a species of jambu, a pear-shaped fruit, beautiful to look at, each fruit looking as if made of some transparent, polished white wax with a pink flush on one side.

Mimi Luebber-mann, Jeanne Jambu, Robin Cowan, Lisa Sommer, and the whole staff at Aris Books.

His object now was to get across the Jambu Bum and engage the enemy in the Shaduzup area while he sent another enveloping arm around behind them to cut off their retreat to Kamaing, the central Japanese position in the Mogaung valley.