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n. (plural of jamb English)

Usage examples of "jambs".

Rosie Mucho always did it when she came into the Jambs from her house in Stonykill, even though her old station wagon, huge as a boat, pitched and rolled like one too as she came over the mountain road.

The streets of Blackbury Jambs are a series of traverses leading down to the waterfront main street that connects the two bridges.

She drove back toward Blackbury Jambs, but instead of crossing the bridge into town she took the leftward way and went north along the Shadow River road.

Late, her wagon still ridiculously packed with her life, Rosie drove into Blackbury Jambs for her appointment with Allan Butterman.

Afternoon was late when she drove out of the Jambs, autumn afternoon closing suddenly.

Most of it goes to the same people every year, continuing grants: the Blackbury Jambs Library, the wildlife sanctuary, the Parr Home.

The reasons why Pierce in the end really did leave Barnabas College and the city and go to live in Blackbury Jambs in the Faraway Hills were the same reasons for leaving he had once given to Spofford: love and money.

By the way I have heard that down in Blackbury Jambs there is a nice apt.

The car turned out from the Jambs onto the highway south, joining the lanes of traffic going to Cascadia, where the county courthouse is.

It had been over the possession of a landing net and they had begun to grapple inside the shaky building, in the dry, smelly dimness, and then tumbled out on to the porch, demolishing one of the door jambs as they did so.

The back and the jambs are built up of great stones, not always smoothly laid, with jutting ledges upon which ashes are apt to lie.