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n. meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked) [syn: ham, gammon]

Usage examples of "jambon".

The shops on Jambon Street continued a brisk trade, tradesmen sneaking a sausage or an apple from under the counter.

Lunch seemed always to consist of sandwich au jambon or croque-monsieur.

They'd dutifully ordered our steak haché, crudités variées, sandwich au jambon and the like long enough.

I have to record all the transfers of food from my stores to our outposts: the smoked salmon I shipped off to Washington, the flageolets I sent to Miami, the rosette and jambon de Paris I sent to Tokyo.

I had fixed a breakfast of jambon, toast, and coffee, but the four overweight businessmen grumbled and cursed as they wolfed it down.