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Jamba may refer to:

  • Jamba, Cuando Cubango, Angola, former base of rebel group UNITA
  • Jamba, Huíla, Angola
  • Almerindo Jaka Jamba, an Angolan politician
  • João Pereira Jamba, an Angolan football defender
  • Japan Australia Migratory Bird Agreement (JAMBA)
Other uses
  • Jambalaya, a mainly Creole dish
  • Jamba!, a ringtone vendor owned by VeriSign (known as "Jamster!" in some countries)
  • Jamba Juice, or a colloquialization of the smoothies produced by Jamba Juice
  • "Jamba", a song by Tyler, the Creator from the album Wolf
Jamba (footballer)

João Pereira (born 10 July 1977 in Benguela), is a retired Angolan footballer. He last played for Atlético Sport Aviação.

Usage examples of "jamba".

Starbucks with cappuccino and wireless connection, no Jamba Juice to get my daily shots of wheatgrass, no Baja Grill to get a broiled chicken burrito.