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jam tarts

n. (jam tart English)

Usage examples of "jam tarts".

In it she found a loaf of bread labelled ``THICK SLICED MOTHER'S PRIDE'', a half pound of Anchor butter, a jar of strawberry jam, a tin of corned beef, a tin of Heinz tomato soup, a tin of stewed steak, a tin of new potatoes, a tin of marrowfat peas, a tin of peaches (sliced) in syrup, a packet of digestive biscuits, a packet of Mr Kipling jam tarts, a jar of Nescaf&eacute.

And I suppose there aren't any jam tarts left over from yesterday, are there?

There was a big plum cake, and a rice cake, jam tarts, lemon tarts, and mince-pies -- two enormous dishes.

She left without a word, returned shortly with a silver platter heaped with loaves of bread, cheese, wine, fruits, cold sausage, raw vegetables and sauces, even delicate jam tarts.

Three sausage rolls, a large piece of cheese, a hunk of bread, half a meat pie and two jam tarts went the same way.

She made some pastry and cooked half a dozen sausages and made sausage rolls in the oven, and having the oven hot she made a few jam tarts.

At that moment Miss Roach reappeared with a tray of tea jam tarts and eclairs smothered in cream.