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Jalapana is a large village and union council in the Sargodha District of Pakistani Punjab. Its geographical coordinates are 32° 15' 35" North, 72° 31' 13" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Jalpāna.

The village gets its name from the Jalap tribe, who were said to be founders of the village. Jalpana was mainly governed by Syeds for a long time. One of the main Syed who owned Jalpana lands was Syed Said Bahadur, the last Nawab of Jalpana. By the 18th Century, the village was deserted, as the region experienced conflict between the Sikhs and the Afghans. In 1857, the now abandoned village was granted as a Jagir to a Niazi Pathan, who began a process of encouraging settlers from the local tribes. The village now home to a number of Jat clans such as the Bapa, Gondal, Chadhar, Doogal, Hattar, Hamooka, Joiya, Jhammat, Joora, Kakora, Mattan, Mekan, Panjootha, Salmana, Sandrana, Tullas, and Watna. In addition, there are also several families of Bhutta Bhatti Rajputs, Awans, Gujjars, Shaikh and Sayyid families. Other than the Sayyid, the rest of the population is Sunni, and all speak the Shahpuri dialect of Saraiki.

Throughout the 1960s, the village was subject to a number of studies by the anthropologist Dr Saghir Ahmad of Simon Fraser University, who studied the society and culture of Punjabi villages.