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In the Jewish scripture and Christian scripture, Jair ( Hebrew: יָאִיר Yā’îr, "he enlightens") was a man from Gilead ( Tribe of Manasseh, east of the River Jordan), who judged Israel for twenty-two years, after the death of Tola. His inheritance was in Gilead through the line of Machir, the son of Manasseh. Jair was the son of Segub; the son of Hezron the Jew through the daughter of Machir ( 1 Chronicles 2). According to Judges 10:3-5, Jair had thirty sons, who rode thirty ass colts, and thirty 'cities' in Gilead which came to be known as Havoth-Jair. The word chawwoth ('tent encampments') occurs only in this context (Numbers 32:41; Deuteronomy 3:14; Judges 10:4), and is a legacy word remaining from the early nomadic stage of Hebrew culture. W. Ewing suggests that Kamon probably corresponds to Kamun taken by the Seleucid king Antiochus III, on his march from Pella to Gephrun ( Polybius Book V.70:12).

Jair died and was buried in Kamon.

Jair (name)

Jair or Jahir may refer to the following people

Given name
  • Yair Arrechea (born 1980), Colombian footballer
  • Jahir Barraza (born 1990), Mexican football player
  • Jair Baylón (born 1989), Peruvian footballer
  • Jair Benítez (born 1979), Colombian footballer
  • Jair Bernal (born 1968), Colombian road cyclist
  • Jair Bolsonaro (born 1955), Brazilian politician
  • Jair Braga (born 1954), Brazilian cyclist
  • Jahir Butrón (born 1975), Peruvian football player
  • Jair da Costa (born 1940), Brazilian footballer
  • Jair Céspedes (born 1984), Peruvian footballer
  • Jair Eduardo Britto da Silva (born 1988), Brazilian football player
  • Jair García (born 1978), Mexican footballer
  • Jair Gonçalves Prates (born 1953), Brazilian football player
  • Jair Iglesias (born 1981), Peruvian footballer
  • Jair Jurrjens (born 1986), Curaçaoan baseball pitcher
  • Jaïr Karam, French football player and manager
  • Jahir Khan, Fijian police officer
  • Jair Lynch (born 1971), American gymnast
  • Jair Marinho de Oliveira (born 1936), Brazilian footballer
  • Jair Marrufo (born 1977), American association football referee
  • Jair Nunes (born 1994), Santomean football player
  • Jahir Ocampo (born 1990), Mexican diver
  • Jair Oliveira (born 1975), Brazilian composer, singer and producer
  • Jair Pereira (born 1986), Portuguese-Mexican footballer
  • Jair Pereira (football manager) (born 1946), Brazilian football manager and former player
  • Jair Picerni (born 1944), Brazilian football manager and former player
  • Jair Rosa (born 1975), Uruguayan footballer
  • Jair da Rosa Pinto (1921–2005), Brazilian footballer
  • Jair Reinoso (born 1985), Colombian footballer
  • Jair Rodrigues (1939–2014), Brazilian musician and singer
  • Jair-Rôhm Parker Wells (born 1958), American improvisation bassist, composer and conceptualist
  • Shahidul Jahir (1953–2008), Bangladeshi novelist and short story writer