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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Jah \Jah\ (j[aum]), n. [Heb. y[=a]h.] Jehovah.
--Ps. lxviii. 4.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, a form of Hebrew Yah, short for Yahweh "Jehovah." Used in some English bibles. Cognate with the second element in hallelujah and in Elijah.


Jah or Yah ( Yahu) is a short form of Yahweh (in consonantal spelling YHWH , called the Tetragrammaton), the proper name of God in the Hebrew Bible. This short form of the name occurs 50 times in the text of the Hebrew Bible, of which 24 form part of the phrase " Hallelujah".

In an English-language context, the name Jah is now most commonly associated with the Rastafari. It is otherwise mostly limited to the phrase Hallelujah and theophoric names such as Elijah. In the King James Version (1611) there is only a single instance of JAH (capitalised) in only one instance, in Psalm 68:4. An American Translation (1939) follows KJV in using Yah in this verse. The conventional English pronunciation of Jah is , even though the letter J here transliterates the palatal approximant (Hebrew Yodh). The spelling Yah is designed to make the pronunciation explicit in an English-language context (see also romanization of Hebrew).

Also short for the name Jehovah.

JAH (disambiguation)

JAH is a shortened form of the divine name Jehovah.

JAH may also refer to:

  • Journal of Aboriginal Health, a peer-reviewed journal
  • Journal of Aging and Health, a medical journal
  • The Journal of American History, the official academic journal of the Organization of American Historians

Usage examples of "jah".

Sah-luma took what was evidently his accustomed post at her right hand, while Theos found a vacant corner on her left, next to the picturesque, lounging figure of the young man Nir jahs, who looked up at him with a half smile as he seated himself, and courteously made more room for him among the tumbled emerald silk diapers of the luxurious divan, they now shared together.

I and I be calling together the people of Jah for to witness the sealing of the covenant.

Why a sect that was so particular about not cutting its own hair should set up in the hairdressing business was probably something else that Jah knew.

They came to face the challenges of Stream Bed, The Jones, The Louge, Ride the Lightening, Yellowman, Jah Lives and dozens of other climbs, some rated 5.

Kona jumped up and down next to Clay, praising Jah and laughing as each animal breathed or flicked a tail.

From the Benth Hakkir could design either a Jah or a NaJah to work on Joldas.

Where the art comes in is that Hakkir must work the Jah on his father and Aiela, and the NaJah on Joldas with the same act.

Schweiss, Im Joch des Amts bei reifen Jahren, Fuer andrer Wohl erschoepft, als unbrauchbarer Greis Hinunter in die Gruft zu fahren.

Topping, business partner of Leo Felix, the Rastafarian automotive dealer who ran Jah Cars, the previously-owned-car emporium down beside the canal.

Emily Crail war vor Jahren, als sie die psychiatrische Betreuung hier übernahm, ihre erste Patientin gewesen.

Seit sie vor drei Jahren in die Neuropsychiatrische Forschungsabteilung gekommen war, hatte sie miterlebt, wie der Computer von einem ersten Prototyp, so groß wie eine Aktentasche, bis zu diesem winzigen Modell zusammengeschrumpft war, das auch auf der offenen Handfläche noch klein wirkte und doch alle Komponenten des ersten, schwerfälligen Modells enthielt.

Benson war ein sanfter, rundlicher Mann von vierunddreißig Jahren, der stets einen etwas verwirrten Eindruck machte.

In den letzten Jahren machte er sich allmählich immer mehr Gedanken darüber, wie es wohl sein mochte, auf der anderen Seite des Zauns zu stehen.