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Jaga may refer to:

Jaga (Kongo)

The Jaga or Jagas were terms applied by the Portuguese to invading bands of African warriors east and south of the kingdom of Kongo. The use of the phrase took on different connotations depending on where it was applied. There were two groups of people, both known as fierce warriors, who were dubbed jagas or the jaga. Unbeknownst to the Portuguese who encountered these warriors, the two groups were practically unrelated.

Jaga (Rajasthan)

Jagas are a social caste based group of people higher up in the Hindu hierarchy who held the traditional job of genealogists of primarily Rajput, Gurjar and Meenas families mainly in Rajasthan and surrounding states. They had power and a matching responsibility for accuracy as their testimony in legal matters was tenable in the courts. Jagas visited villages in their charge every two to three years to record the events and collect the customary fees in the form of cattle, elephants (from very rich patrons), grain and money to which they were entitled. Jagas have also been described as Bhats.

Jaga (Muslim caste)

The Jaga are a Muslim community found in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. They are also known as Jagawa and Jagabhatt.