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Jada (biblical)

Jada is a figure who appears in Chapter 2 of the first Book of Chronicles in the Bible. He was the son of Onam and brother of Shammai. Jada had two sons, Jether and Jonathan. Jether died without children. Jonathan had two sons: Peleth and Zaza.


Jada may refer to:

  • Jada, an incarnation of Bharata in the Jadabharata
  • Jada (given name), a feminine given name derived from Jade
    • Jada Pinkett Smith, an American actress and singer
  • Jada (biblical), a figure in the first Book of Chronicles of the Old Testament
  • JADA, the Journal of the American Dental Association
  • Jada, Nigeria, a town and Local Government Area in Adamawa State
  • Jada (band), a pop girl group from Boston
  • Jada (film), a 2008 American film
  • Jada Toys, a manufacturer of collectible die-cast model car
  • " Ja-Da", a 1918 song by Bob Carleton
  • Jada Perera, Customs officer of Sri Lanka
  • Jada Santiago (Alyja "Jada" Santiago) and Dinden Santiago (Aleona Denise "Dinden" Santiago) from Philippine 2015
Jada (band)

Jada is an American pop and R&B female vocal group from Boston, Massachusetts. They are known for their mix of pop, soul, dance, and R&B styling, and their gospel-inspired harmonies. Jada was signed by Universal Motown Records president Sylvia Rhone in October 2006. Jada won “Outstanding Pop/R&B Music Act of the Year” at the 2008 Boston Music Awards. Jada is managed by Laura Poulin Management/ Bristol Entertainment. Through Universal Motown, Jada released their first major label single, "American Cowboy" (written and produced by Akon and RedOne) in the spring of 2009. This was followed by their second major label single, " Break Up Song" (written and produced by Wayne Wilkins, Andrew Frampton, and Savan Kotecha) in the fall of 2009. Jada’s song "Model That" was featured on the November 17, 2009 episode of the MTV television show The City. "American Cowboy" was featured on the Fox drama House on Monday, April 27, 2009. They released a song and music video for "This Party’s on Fire" (written and produced by Rio, video directed by Vassili Shields) on October 4, 2011. Their most recent EP, named Supersonique, was released on January 24, 2011, and included 5 songs with 2 remixes, including "Supersonique", "This Party's on Fire", "Mercy Killing", "Can't Let Go", and "Goodbye".

Jada (film)

Jada is a dramatic film released in 2008. It was directed by Clifton Powell. The film was written by Daniel Chavez.

Jada (given name)

Jada is feminine given name, a variant of Jade, which comes from the precious stone of the same name.