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Jacobson may refer to:

  • Jacobson (surname)

In mathematics:

  • Jacobson density theorem, mathematical theorem
  • Jacobson ring, algebraic geometry concept
  • Jacobson semisimple ring, type of semiprimitive ring
  • Jacobson radical, the intersection of all maximal left ideals.

In anatomy:

  • Jacobson's cartilage, or vomeronasal cartilage, narrow strip of cartilage in the nasal cavity
  • Jacobson's organ, or vomeronasal organ, auxiliary olfactory sense organ
  • Nerve of Jacobson, or the tympanic nerve, branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve near the ear

Other uses:

  • Jacobson, Minnesota, United States
  • Jacobson's, American regional department store chain
Jacobson (surname)

Jacobson is an English language patronymic surname meaning "son of Jacob". The prefix is an Ashkenazic variation of the Latin Jacobus, itself derived from the Hebrew language given name Yaakov ("supplanter" or "follower"). The suffix, -son denotes "son/descendent of". There are several variants. The earliest record of the surname is found in Cambridgeshire in 1273.

People with the surname Jacobson include:

  • Amy Jacobson (born 1969), television reporter for WMAQ News in Chicago
  • Andrew Jacobson (born 1985), Major League Soccer player
  • Arthur Jacobson (1901–1993), American assistant director
  • Ben Jacobson (born 1970), American college basketball coach
  • Bill Jacobson (born 1955), American photographer
  • Carl Robert Jakobson (1841–1882), Estonian writer and teacher
  • Cecil Jacobson (born 1936), disgraced American fertility doctor
  • Clayton Jacobson II (born 1932 or 1933), credited with inventing the personal water craft
  • Dan Jacobson (1929–2014), South African writer
  • Dana Jacobson (born 1971), American news anchor
  • David Jacobson (diplomat), lawyer and current United States Ambassador to Canada
  • Douglas T. Jacobson (1925–2000), US Marine who was awarded the Medal of Honor
  • Edward Jacobson (1891–1955), Jewish American businessman and activist
  • Edmund Jacobson, American physician, creator of the Jacobson's Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique
  • Edith Jacobson (1897–1978), German psychoanalyst
  • Emily Jacobson (born 1985), American sabre fencer
  • Eric Jacobson (born 1970), American puppeteer
  • Evelyn Jacobson, married name Evelyn Kozak (1899–2013), American supercentenarian
  • Fredrik Jacobson (born 1974), Swedish golfer
  • Harvey Jacobson (born 1956), British businessman
  • Howard Jacobson (born 1942), British author
  • Israel Jacobson (1768–1828), German philanthropist and reformer
  • Ivar Jacobson (born 1939), Swedish computer scientist
  • Jeff Jacobson (Ohio), Ohio Republican state senator
  • Joe Jacobson (born 1986), Welsh footballer
  • Joseph Jacobson, American inventor
  • Leonard Jacobson (1921–1992), American museum architect
  • Marcey Jacobson (1911–2009), American photographer
  • Nathan Jacobson (1910–1999), American mathematician
  • Norm Jacobson, rugby league footballerd
  • Peter Marc Jacobson, American television writer, director and producer
  • Peter Jacobson, American film and television actor
  • Peter Jacobson (judge), Federal Court of Australia judge
  • Robert Jacobson, Former Lutheran Bishop who became a Catholic priest
  • Robert M. Jacobson (born 1958), American physician
  • Roman Jakobson or Jacobson (1896–1982), Russian linguist
  • Sada Jacobson (born 1983), American sabre fencer
  • Sam Jacobson (born 1975), American basketball player
  • Sydney Jacobson (1908–1988), British journalist and editor
  • Van Jacobson, American scientist and network specialist
  • William Jacobson (1803–1884), British Anglican bishop
  • William A. Jacobson, American attorney

Usage examples of "jacobson".

Edmund Jacobson who in the 1930s described the mental benefits of relaxation techniques.

Jacobson, whom she'd interviewed six weeks ago, was brought in in cardiac arrest, and there were two unrelated asthma attacks.

Again, the fault may have occurred only when the engine had heated to its maximum and it was unlikely that Jacobson could have reached that in a single lap: finally, those highly-bred racing engines, which could cost up to eight thousand pounds, were extraordinarily fickle creatures and quite capable of developing and clearing up their own faults without the hand of man going anywhere near them.

But if he did not meet Harlow until 6 he was going to assume that Harlow had been absent until that time, and Jacobson, who was nothing if not suspicious, was going to wonder like fury what Harlow had been up to in the long watches of the night.

Ah yes, phone your very good friend Joe Jacobson, VP of the Chicago Pederal and International Merchant Bank his bank's got assets of four billion and he owes you lots of favors.

Ah yes, phone your very good friend Joe Jacobson, VP of the Chicago Federal and International Merchant Bank-his bank's got assets of four billion and he owes you lots of favors.